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Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value Through Curb Appeal

If you’re preparing your home for sale, it’s important to address not only the inside but the outside as well. A buyer’s first impression of your home should be welcoming and encourage them to enter the house and see themselves living there. This article will discuss some of the ways you can maximize your home’s value by working on its curb appeal. 


Take a Tough Look at Your House’s Exterior


You may have many emotional attachments to your home, but this is not the time to look at it through rose-colored glasses. Over time, houses tend to accumulate dirt and other debris on their exterior that can go overlooked. If this is the case with your home, you’ll need to look at how best to clean it. What you decide to use for cleaning depends on the material your house is made of as well as how dirty it is. It’s possible to use rags and detergents on your windows and patios, but a pressure washer can also be used under the right circumstances. You should properly remove and treat any areas that show mold growth, and don’t forget to clean your gutters thoroughly. If this is not something you can do yourself, professionals generally charge between $75 and $125 nationally for a gutter cleaning.


Paint to Please


Once the exterior is clean, it’s time to paint the home in a way that buyers will find appealing. While neutral colors are always a safe bet, they’re not your only options. Some popular paint colors include navy blue, light green, and brown with accent color choices ranging from ivory white to black. Make sure to choose complementary paint colors for any sheds or additional buildings you may have on the property. You may choose to paint your deck or patio or stain it. When it comes to staining, you have a number of options to choose from that depend on the type of weather the deck or patio needs to withstand as well the color you’d like it to have. Experts also recommend choosing a paint color for your front door that not only goes with the house’s color scheme but stands out when buyers approach the home.


Manage Your Green Spaces


Depending on the size of your property, your green spaces may be comprised of a lawn, flowers, shrubs, hedges, or trees. In a recent article, The Wise Handyman gets into extensive details of how you can take care of your lawn to increase curb appeal. They suggest getting a head start on feeding your lawn as early as six months prior to showing the property. You should also trim the hedges consistently and mulch the flower beds. If you have trees, then you should take care of them by keeping them well watered and pruning them on a regular basis. If you don’t have trees, you could consider planting some where the property allows. 


Other External Factors


If you have a house number attached to your property, make sure it’s still in good shape or perhaps change it entirely so it’s more modern. You’ll also want to address your outdoor lighting. You can clean or refurbish any lamp posts on your property and you can add lighting where necessary. For example, if you’ve spent a great deal of time and energy on the landscaping, then landscape lights might be a way of highlighting the trees and lawn. Your mailbox is another fixture that can get overlooked during the sprucing-up activities. If the mailbox is still in good shape, then you may just need to clean and repaint it. If it has been damaged or is showing signs of wood-rot or rust, doing a complete replacement or makeover might be your best option. 


There’s no doubt that buyers will be more interested in touring houses that are easy on the eyes. Don’t let your house get kicked to the curb because you only paid attention to the inside!


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