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Get the Most out of Selling Your Home with These Terrific Tips

If you’re like most homeowners, your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.  With that in mind, when it’s time to sell you want to maximize your home’s sale price. By enlisting the help of some pros and turning your smartphone into your personal, pocket-sized assistant, you can stay on top of everything it takes to help your home sell. 

Declutter. A cluttered home can appear to lack space and organization.  Also, having your belongings around can distract buyers from seeing all your home has to offer.  With that in mind, HGTV suggests removing clutter to show your home off well.  Pare down excess pieces of furniture and leave only those necessary for showing the purpose of the room.  Also pull furniture away from walls, especially in your living room and dining area. Your home will look bigger as a result. If you have a significant number of items that qualify as junk or trash, consider using an app like Bin There Dump That to put you in touch with services that provide dumpsters or trash pickup. 

Deep clean.  

cleaning photoEvery surface in your home should be sparkling clean from the tops of your ceiling fan blades to your floorboards.  Wash windows, dust mini blinds, scour your bathroom tiles and shampoo carpets. Houzz points out that while this takes no expertise, it does take time and elbow grease.  However this is a vital step in your process, so if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, invest in hiring a pro. Sites like TaskRabbit can help you find a top-rated local professional who can make your home shine. 

Depersonalize. One of the keys in preparing your home for sale is presenting it in such a way buyers can easily picture living in the space.  That means removing your personal items, so buyers don’t need to overlook them. Some professionals recommend removing your family photos, knickknacks, refrigerator art, kids’ toys and any other items that would remind buyers someone else is living there. In addition to depersonalizing, you want to make a point to stage your home to make it more inviting. If decorating isn’t your strong suit, try out an app like Roomy, which allows you to virtually stage your home to help you figure out the best look. 

Make updates.  Fox Business notes your kitchen and bathrooms are areas buyers look at critically, so this is where you should invest any funds available to make upgrades.  If you can only make minor updates, replace toilet seats and shower curtains to freshen bathrooms. Put in new light bulbs to make the rooms as bright as possible and install new hardware pulls. 

For bigger budgets, consider making more dramatic updates to the kitchen and baths.  Kitchens with new, energy-efficient appliances are in vogue, cabinets can be replaced or refaced to catch buyers’ eyes, and new countertops and flooring will make your home a hot item.  Also, replace vanities with granite countertops and install a new tub or replace the shower in bathroom areas. 

If you need extra help tracking down contractors or a handyman, look to apps like Handy so you can find a pro right away. 


paint roller photoPainting your interior walls is an easy and low-cost way to make your home more presentable to buyers. One recommendation is to opt for light, neutral colors like beige or white.  It’s easy for buyers to work with, makes your house look more spacious and helps buyers picture themselves living in the home.  In the process of painting, you’ll remove your switch plate and outlet covers; consider purchasing all new ones throughout the home.  It’s an inexpensive way to make your home look polished and well-kept. Does painting make you anxious or are you unsure about the best steps? Not to worry, DIY Tip Genius has plenty of tutorials and articles to help you out. 

All of these preparations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to readying your home for sale. You’ll also have to keep track of work orders and receipts, checklists, and navigating the process of buying a new home and moving. It’s a lot! To keep you steady, make sure your smartphone is up to the task. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, now is definitely time to take the plunge. Devices like the Google Pixel 3, with its ease-of-use and ideal size, or the new iPhone 11 Pro, with a dynamic microchip and 16 hours of battery life, can set you up for success and help you stay on top of everything throughout this entire undertaking. 

Your home is a big investment, so it’s crucial to maximize your sale price.  Take steps to show your home in the best possible light to buyers. Get the best possible offer on your home with these smart preparations.

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