According To Interior Designers, Here’s How To Stage Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’ll pay to think about what caught your eye when you first stepped in. Besides fitting in with your budget, what sold you? How did you feel when you first stepped in? And how could you better the impact? With that said, it’ll also pay to take in these handy home staging cues from the interior designers at firm Décor Aid.


Just like with the way you dress and present yourself, it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Which makes the look and feel of your entryway, all the more essential to get right.

Refresh your front door- Let them approach your home with a refreshed front door boasting a fresh coat of paint or a new finish and complete the look with a new welcome mat.

A bold rug- Lend the space a sense of personality with a bold and bright area rug for needed visual play.

Nothing beats a mirror- Mirrors are magical when it comes to making any area feel larger and look brighter. Plus, you can easily and affordably source a unique mirror that’ll lend the space a sophisticated sense of everyday glamor.

A slim console table- A sleek console table will help you keep the area tidier while helping them better understand the scale of the room.

Catchall trays- Another tidying hack, a stylish tray will help you house your keys, loose change, and mail in one convenient spot.

Refresh lighting- Because no one feels excited stepping into a dark home, make sure your lighting is warm and inviting while avoiding a cold and clinical feel.


Potential home buyers will be certain to scrutinize your bathroom, no matter its size, So seize the opportunity to really make it sing.

Bring in new towels- Bright and bold towels will make this otherwise small area feel full of intoxicating life.

Don’t skip out on plants- Plants will lend your bathroom a  sense of the organic along with color, texture, and air purifying qualities.

Highlight toiletries- You may not realize it, but there’s bound to be a beautiful package or two among your everyday essentials, so bring them to the forefront and use them to your advantage.


When it comes to smart home staging ideas, people often completely overlook closets. But with the rise of fast-fashion, buyers need smarter storage solutions than ever.

Style your clothing- Edit your clothing and store some out of sight for a lighter, less cramped feel and be sure to evenly space your hangers for a concise feel. And pair clothing by color for an easy on the eye approach.

Create a lived-in feel- But don’t go too far with your edit as no one will be inspired by walking into a closet with an empty feel.

Living + Dining Room:

The most commonly used and seen rooms in any home, your living and dining room will more than likely be the areas potential home buyers spend the most time in – so make it count.

Add an accent wall- While a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in transforming a space, an accent wall is much easier to create, and more affordable too. Whether you go for a solid color or a vibrant wall covering, an accent wall will be sure to add room-defining depth to a living or dining room.

Mirrors matter- Again, mirrors are highly effective when it comes to making any room appear larger, brighter, and more luxurious.

Rethink displays and collectibles- If you’ve got a prized collection of keepsakes, use them to your advantage by displaying them with a tight edit for a lived in and authentic feel.

Hang window treatments higher- By hanging window treatments as high as possible, you’ll instantly trick the eye into thinking that the ceilings are higher than they really are for a grander feel.

Avoid dark tones- Sure, dark tones are great for defining a mood and setting an intimate tone, but they’re too specific when it comes to home staginging. Instead, bring in color via small doses like pillows, throws, and decorative objects.

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