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Is Staten Island really that bad?

Let’s go to Staten Island this weekend.

Those are words no one says living in the other five boroughs of New York City. You have to take a bus or train to the Staten Island Ferry, take the ferry, take a bus, and then what? What is there to do? Well, it’s actually not that bad, you just have to give it a chance.

The Arts

For those of you who enjoy paintings, photography, film, underground music, or anything else creative will enjoy the underrated arts scene that lives in Staten Island. Once you get off the ferry, most of the venues that host events are within walking distance so you don’t have to worry about your commute taking “forever” like most people think. Next, there is a mixture of art forms in one place. When you go to an art show, there are also people reciting poems, rapping or singing any genre of music at some point of the event. Everyone is welcome and included.

If you enjoy your visual or auditory art with food and a little something to sip, no worries there are several bars that are within walking distance of the ferry that also host events. You could even get up to share a song, dance, poem, or story of your own if you’re feeling up to it at many of the bars open mics. Everyone is welcome and included, are you convinced yet?


A new mall beside the ferry is coming soon, but just like NYC public transportation, it’s a little delayed. New York City’s ONLY outlet destination, Empire Outlets is set to have up to 100 shopping stores, options for food and beverage, a hotel, and a rooftop lounge that you can enjoy the the view at anytime.

But in the meantime, you can go to the new and improved Staten Island Mall by taking on a bus straight there. It adds about 30 minutes to your commute, but if you are more fond of driving, there are more than enough spots that don’t require you to parallel park.  Once you get there you have an option of approximately 200 stores that offer food, clothes, games, accessories, shoes, specialty desserts, and anything in between. Starting in December 2018, you will even be able to go grocery shopping with NYC’s first Lidl. If you enjoy healthy foods at an affordable cost, Lidl is your place.

You want to go to a place where you and your kids can enjoy? Dave & Buster’s has drinks for the adults and many games and prizes for the kids. Who knows, you might enjoy the games more than the kids.There’s only one thing left that isn’t there, a movie theater. Well, an AMC will soon join the new and refined Staten Island Mall. You should go see for yourself!

Want to go ahead and move?

In addition to the borough constructing new buildings to shop and enjoy, there are also several apartment complexes and condos within walking distance of the ferry that are now open to new tenants. The cost of living is less than other boroughs like Manhattan, it’s quieter so you won’t have to worry about random, distracting noises when you have to wake up early for work, and it’s all available near the ferry.

If you are worried about you or your family’s safety, there is a NYPD Precinct two blocks from the ferry, making it extremely close to the residential area nearby.  

So, is Staten Island really bad?

Staten Island sometimes seems like it’s in a different state to others living in the other four boroughs of NYC, but many of the places to enjoy are within walking distance of the ferry. There are places to enjoy music, food, a Staten Island based brewery, and more. None of this can be enjoyed or explored if you give it a chance though. So, get on the Staten Island ferry, enjoy the ride, and come be surprised at the amazing places and people you will come across.

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