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Neighborhood Guide to Greenwich Village

by Camille Coric.

Known for its dynamic parks, lively nightlife, young population and prime position in Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village is a gem of New York City. From food to what the locals won’t tell you, here is your complete guide to Greenwich Village.


Cheapest you can get

At the moment, the cheapest listing on the market in Greenwich village is a studio on Houston Street for $2,050. The average rent price in Greenwich Village is $4,197 so this is a steal! A short walk away from Washington Square and right on the edge of Soho, this would be a great place for someone looking to experience the fantastic restaurants, cafes and nightlife of Lower Manhattan on a budget.

Middle Range

Right in the middle of Greenwich Village is Bleecker Street, where you can grab this two bedroom apartment for $4,195. This listing is right on point with the average price listing in Greenwich Village, and you couldn’t ask for a better location than Bleecker Street, which is in the heart of everything interesting. This apartment has a beautiful updated kitchen and lots of light.

Top of the Line

If you’re looking for something extra special (at a price), this home is for you. For nearly double the average rent at $7,950 you can scoop up this beautiful two bedroom apartment with a garden. The price is made up for with two fireplaces, a charming English country cottage feel and an eat-in kitchen overlooking the garden.


Soul Food with a Twist

Red Bamboo has been serving vegan comfort food for 18 years but thats not what makes this eatery special. The mock meat buffalo wings and brownie cheesecake are innovative delicacies. Other delicious creations include the cajun fried shrimp, southern fried chicken and Philly cheesesteak (all vegan of course). So if you’re feeling like trying something outside your comfort zone that you’re bound to like, head on over to West 4th Street.

A New York Classic

What is quintessentially New York City? Bagels, bagels and more bagels! Bagel Bob’s has got you covered. While this appears to be your regular bagel store, it is not. The freshness of these oven baked bagels will not be lost on even the most inexperienced bagel eater. Bagel Bob’s boil and bake fresh bagels everyday and have everything from Nutella Cream Cheese to Low-Fat Lox.

The New Age of Ice Cream

Artisan Ice Cream has become the future, and Van Leeuwen’s is spear-heading the movement. With intriguing seasonal flavors ranging from Sicilian Almond pear tart to “Canadian breakfast”, there will surely be a flavor you’ve never tried. Classics at Van Leeuwen include Earl Grey, planet earth (matcha ice cream with pieces of matcha cake!) and staple flavors such as mint chip and cookie dough. Find them in the heart of the West Village and enjoy while walking through the cozy brownstone-lined streets.

What the Neighborhood is Known For

Washington Square Park

A prominent landmark of the Greenwich Village neighborhood, Washington Square Park is known for its constant social experiments, gorgeous arch and outstanding fountain. It’s also notable for its role as NYU’s campus and with that comes the constant buzz of young people. If you like dogs, WSP has two dog runs. On a sunny day, there are few free joys better than sitting in a patch of grass with a book and a cold drink.

Hudson River

The sight of a sparking Hudson River is stunning at any time of year. On a clear day, you can see south to the Freedom Tower and to the west, Jersey City. At night this is especially magical. If you ever want a scenic walk, jog or bike, head on over to the Hudson River Greenway. There are also many grassy stretches on many of the Greenway’s piers.

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street has always been the nightlife district of Greenwich Village but it was really made renowned with the rise of Sex and the City. It Is still buzzing off its high of cutesy bakeries, bruncheries and high-end fashion boutiques but that doesn’t mean you can’t find remarkable venues. Artful Posters is a homey, longtime shop offering an extensive selection of New York themed prints and posters as well as framing services. “Unoppressive non-imperialist Bargain books” is another colorfully unique store. They offer a variety of seductively priced yet quality books.


Independent Cinema

Greenwich Village is an indie film haven, with four renowned cinemas playing a mix of foreign films, American independent films, cult classics and new releases. These include the Quad Cinema, Angelika Film Center, Cinema Village and the IFC Center. If you’re a film fanatic, you’ll find it impossible to pick at lack of choice.

Quaint Bookshops

Three Lives & Company, a cozy and gorgeous bookstore on the corner of West 10th Street across the street from Van Leeuwen, is a great place to start for literature lovers. A few feet from the aforementioned Unoppressive Non-imperialist books is another indie bookstore with a wide variety called bookbook. Further west there is also Idlewild Books, an eclectic bookstore specializing in travel.

Novelty Stores

Greenwich Village is home to a range of unique novelty shops. The Chess Forum on Thompson Street has every type of chess gear imaginable as well as themed sets ranging from Zelda to Super Mario Brothers to Lord of the Rings. On the same block, Uncommon Goods offers every type of board game you could possibly imagine; you can even pay $10 an hour to play board games from 50 years or ago or current limited editions. Li-Lac Chocolates offers a selection of fresh and gourmet chocolates and has chocolate in the shape of anything your heart desires.

What the locals won’t tell you

Weekdays are the Real Deal

The real time to enjoy Greenwich Village is during the week. During the weekends all the venues and streets are flocked with tourists, out of towners, and students drinking it up. Weekdays display Greenwich Villages more serene and pleasant feel.

Strained Relations

There is some tension between longtime locals and New York University. NYU has become infamous for scooping up real estate all around the Greenwich Village area, sometimes evicting longtime residents and businesses in the process. If you mention NYU to locals, be prepared to hear an earful.

Nighttime Escapades

Washington Square Park at night is a gorgeous and eye-opening experience. There will often be live music, performers, skaters and artists offering their services for $5 a pop. People gather here from all corners of the world. The arch lit up is a sight to behold and sitting on the edge of the fountain soaking it all in is an enjoyable way to spend an evening while experiencing the true of culture Greenwich Village.

So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you now know where to start! If you want to learn more, continue to peruse We are full of insightful articles on everything New York City. Hopefully you won’t be lost for choices and you can enjoy Greenwich Village the way locals would.

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Be Heard at Go Home NY

Be heard! Leave your apartment, condo, and coop building reviews at Go Home NY! Know a building's managers are awful? Have the inside line on a perfect building? Anything in between? Express your voice and be heard. Leave a review at Go Home NY.

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