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Neighborhood Guide to the Upper East Side



Are you looking to visit or move to one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the country? The Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York is located between Central Park and Fifth Avenue, 59th Street, East River, and 96th Street. The area is famed for possessing endless blocks of the rich and famous’ real estate; however, did you know there is so much more to this prominent district than meets the eye? We have skillfully crafted a guide of the top must-do activities and places to visit in the once-again budding Upper East Side in NYC:


Museum Mile

Of course we have to throw in some good ol’ NYC museums. However, the difference is: this is the MUSEUM MILE! This stretch of museums is located between 72nd and 104th Street on Fifth Avenue. Formerly known as Millionaire’s Row, this strip houses a plethora of incredible museums.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The most famous art museum in New York, the Met, hosts an incredible collection of exhibits, both permanent and rotating pop-ups. Each year, the Met holds the year’s biggest fashion gala, The Met Gala featuring star-studded celebrities adorning the red carpet in the season’s latest fashion trends.

Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed NYC building is worth visiting just to see the building in and of itself. With swirling walkways and a minimalistic yet geometric approach, his futuristic and innovative architectural designs are a true monument to modernism.

The Jewish Museum

The oldest Jewish museum in the world, and NYC’s first, this art museum exhibits more than 30,000 cultural objects honoring Jewish heritage. The artifacts are consisted of Jewish modern and contemporary art as well as pieces of Jewish history.



Central Park

The one, the only: Central Park. A true retreat in the heart of New York, Central Park is comprised of luscious vegetation amidst the concrete jungle. Whether you stop by to relax and unwind, have a delicious picnic, or perhaps work those calves jogging or paddle boating, you will not be disappointed!

Sex and the City Tour

Are you a HUGE Sex and the City fan? Then get ready for a wicked night out on the town! You will have the privilege of seeing over 40 hotspots that your favorite characters Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha frequented. From their shopping adventures to their gossiping grounds, this tour will let you step on set and live life through their eyes, one cosmopolitan at a time.

The Art Farm in the City

Do you have children and are looking for a fun day out in the Upper East Side? The Art Farm in the City houses dozens of little critters, including bunny rabbits, chinchillas, turtles, birds, and guinea pigs. Not only do you get to interact and pet the animals in the farm, you and your little ones will be educated about the responsibilities of caring for an animal and how to take care of the planet.

Best part: The Animal Farm in the City donates a portion of the proceeds to Mari’s Children, their associated non-profit organization which helps children worldwide.


Wining & Dining

Word around town has it that the Upper East Side isn’t truly a local hotspot anymore… well, these delicious attractions will prove they’re wrong!

Kappo Masa

Brought to you by the renowned chef himself, Chef Masayoshi Takayama combines Japanese fusion with art gallery owner Larry Gagosian on the same plate. This restaurant’s vibrant and eclectic décor enmeshed with modern art will surely leave your palate satisfied in more ways then one.


Pam Wiznitzer opened Seamstress which houses more than 50 American spirits delivered with a side of gastropub feel. She delivers cocktails that step it up a notch combined with her knowledge of liquor that she attained from a cross-country adventure, studying just how the country enjoys a beverage… or three.

Pizza Beach

Inspired by Malibu yet residing in the middle of the concrete madness, Pizza Beach offers you an oasis that may convince you there is a beach just outside. Featuring a plethora of distinguished wines matched with mouth-watering pizza, this place will have you wondering if you’re really still in NYC.

Tavern 62 By David Burke

Dubbed “the modern American tavern,” this hotspot showcases multiple dine-in-private rooms as well as a main dining hall upstairs. Himalayan pink salt blocks adorn the walls offering a serene, relaxing environment to all its patrons. They even offer a Tea Time from 3pm to 6pm every day. Pinky’s up!

Avra Madison Estiatorio

The name isn’t the only mouthful at this hip and trendy Greek go-to place. 30 kinds of fresh fish from around the world are delivered by air daily! Organic and nature-inspired elements fill the room that give an outdoors-y feel to the patrons ready for the freshest seafood they’ve ever tasted. Opa!



New York City is famous for its fashion districts; however, many are unaware that the Upper East Side, specifically, offers world-class retailers right outside the door. Behold, Madison Avenue. Although incredibly expensive, window shopping on Madison Avenue will forever be free, and perhaps even motivating.


One of the most famous department stores in the world, Barney’s offers women’s clothing with an edge.


Joie is an up and coming chic boutique retailer that sells carefree, modern, and contemporary clothing for the every day woman.


Everybody loves Bloomingdales! This is one of New York’s biggest department store chains and offers something for absolutely everyone.

Try: 40 Carrots, located right inside for a scoop of delicious homemade frozen yogurt!


There you have it! This guide is sure to provide you with everything you need to know to plan an incredible visit to the Upper East Side. Now that you know all the hotspots to craft your perfect day, you’ll know why Upper East Side residents say: “the West isn’t always the best!”

Happy Adventures!

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Be Heard at Go Home NY

Be heard! Leave your apartment, condo, and coop building reviews at Go Home NY! Know a building's managers are awful? Have the inside line on a perfect building? Anything in between? Express your voice and be heard. Leave a review at Go Home NY.

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