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Why You Should Review Your Building at

Reviews are an integral part of 21st Century daily life. When you order from a new restaurant, you are asked to leave a review. When you order shoes, or get a haircut, or make a call to customer service, or even do some banking, you’re asked to leave a review. We share our opinions on so many little things in life, isn’t it time to dish about the big ones? Perhaps the biggest one of all is our home, and so often, that’s precisely the thing we keep quiet about. Our homes are essential for survival, the place where we keep all our stuff, dream all our dreams, and plan out our futures. But how much do we really know about a new abode before moving in?   

In New York, renters often move apartments with barely more than a passing introduction to the new place. We make decisions that are crucial to our happiness and our basic sense of well-being without enough information to know if we’re making the best, or worst, choice for our homes. We are more confident in Seamlessing from a new burrito spot than we are choosing our homes. That’s why was started. The founders of have experienced the good and bad aspects of moving house in New York, from luxury apartments and condos, to outer borough family homes, and they’re dedicated to helping New Yorkers both established and new not make a housing mistake. 

By crowd-sourcing reviews of great and not so great buildings, management companies, condos, co-ops, and co-living spaces, gives New Yorkers access to the nitty gritty details so that you can have a housing dream instead of a housing nightmare.  This Yelp for apartments relies on residents—both renters and buyers—to let us know about the buildings they’re moving out of so that future residents can be informed before moving in. 

Are you moving out of a building with a laundry room that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1958? Write a review. Did you have to request an exterminator for months on end before one finally showed up? Write a review. Does your building have incredible staff? Please let us know so we can all go live there!  

The moving process for renters can be remarkably difficult in NYC, and for too long, building owners and managers have had renters at a disadvantage.  Typically, a renter needs to give a landlord three months’ notice before moving out, but realtors don’t have all their apartment rental listings together until about a month out from move-in day. That leaves two months where a renter is looking for a new place, but doesn’t have all the information. We know from experience that these can be nail-biting months. Seeing apartment listings that look perfect but have a move in date two months before you’re ready to move can be a nail-biting experience, especially when it’s rented right out from under you. The best listings don’t stick around. 

Imagine how wonderful it would be to start to narrow down the buildings you want to live in– and the ones you definitely don’t want to live in– before you contact a realtor? You would be able to work backwards from the address to the realtor, and instead of only seeing what properties each realtor reps, you could target the realtor who reps the property you want to live in. This is an opportunity that buyers have, but it’s time for renters to have more agency over their apartment shopping as well. If you believe that it’s time for tenants to finally have their say in New York real estate, sign up at, leave your reviews, and see what others have to say. 



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