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If you like Art Deco architecture, 690 Fort Washington Avenue is the building for you. This building was built in ...

220 East 13th Street is a four story walkup apartment building with one apartment on each floor. The building is ...

This is another Midboro Management's fine pre-war on UWS. This low rise coop offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It ...

This is a beautiful structure in Caroll Street and Fifth Avenue. Unit features high ceilings, windows with great natural light, ...

216 East 83rd Street is between Third and Second Avenues in Manhattan’s Yorkville neighborhood. Built in 1920 the building is ...

111 East 7th Street is on the north side of East 7th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A in ...


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GoHomeNY's mission

We started GoHomeNY after having our ups and downs with living in NYC buildings. Everyone who has lived in NYC or is thinking about living in the city has experienced the same. We found an apartment in a small building in a trendy neighborhood and thought we had found the perfect place: great layout, low carrying costs, small boutique-y feel. After we moved in, we found out there was no insulation, under-powered heat and cooling, and worst of all a leaking roof. Thousands of dollars in assessments later we decided we did not want to go through this experience again, and wanted others to have a resource to find out all the positives and negatives about a building before making a rental or purchasing commitment. As a result, we started GoHomeNY.com.

Join the thousands who are using the site to review and research buildings across NYC!

Why contribute to the site? There is so much to know about a building that is unknowable as a renter / buyer / investor / agent. Help others by highlighting the positives and negatives of your building. Encourage owners, landlords, or managing companies to improve buildings. If you have found the perfect place, let others know to increase its value. Or if you just have a salacious story, give us the juicy details.

Check out our GoBlog

Check out our GoBlog

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Go Home NY: Who We Are

Finding a place to live in New York can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. Obviously, you can view an apartment, and hear the shpiel from the broker or the landlord, but how do you know you’re getting the real story? How many times do you find yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I would have known this before ...

NYC apartment building reviews for renters, owners, investors, brokers, and anybody else interested in New York real estate. Our mission is to help you find the perfect building, avoid the disasters, and love living in NYC. Add a review of your NYC apartment building today!

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