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would be pretty amazing: https://nypost.com/2018/10/22/maya-lins-plan-to-build-nycs-largest-downtown-mansion-may-come-to-life/

A Grand Building on UWS. It has dinstinctive four lobbies leading to residences, the courtyard at its center. It is ...

This building is fairly nice, for the neighborhood. Its a small walk-up with 5 floors and only 18 apartments. The ...

This is a beautiful townhouse on Herkimer Street, gut-renovated 2-family boasting an array of high-end fixtures and finishes. Its impeccable. ...

315 West 21st Street is between Eighth and Ninth Avenues located in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, Built in 1938 ...

This is an award winning full service, white glove Emery Roth building with world-class amenities, including a stunning lobby that ...


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GoHomeNY's mission

We started GoHomeNY after having our ups and downs with living in NYC buildings. Everyone who has lived in NYC or is thinking about living in the city has experienced the same. We found an apartment in a small building in a trendy neighborhood and thought we had found the perfect place: great layout, low carrying costs, small boutique-y feel. After we moved in, we found out there was no insulation, under-powered heat and cooling, and worst of all a leaking roof. Thousands of dollars in assessments later we decided we did not want to go through this experience again, and wanted others to have a resource to find out all the positives and negatives about a building before making a rental or purchasing commitment. As a result, we started GoHomeNY.com.

Join the thousands who are using the site to review and research buildings across NYC!

Why contribute to the site? There is so much to know about a building that is unknowable as a renter / buyer / investor / agent. Help others by highlighting the positives and negatives of your building. Encourage owners, landlords, or managing companies to improve buildings. If you have found the perfect place, let others know to increase its value. Or if you just have a salacious story, give us the juicy details.

Check out our GoBlog

Check out our GoBlog

Co-Living: The Answer to NYC’s Impossible Rental Market

  If you had to describe what living in NYC is like with one word, my guess is it would be “expensive.”  Real estate market trends seem to exclude NYC as we are always living in a steady increase of prices, whether they be rentals or purchases. Sites like GoHome NY feature real NYC tenants and their real estate experiences in our unique ...

Breaking the Slumlord Cycle When You’re Investing in NYC

    It’s no secret. Slumlords do exist. In fact, every year, the Public Advocate’s Office releases a Landlord Watch List which features the worst landlords of NYC, not exactly a credential you’ll be adding to your resumé.   Though properties owned by slumlords should always be avoided by potential tenants, there does lie an attractive quality from a business perspective. Sites like GoHomeNY can help ...

Communal and Co-Living Options for NYC

Solo living is both financially out of reach and unappealing for many people, but finding the right people to live with, and the right place to live with them, can be a big hassle. Shopping the internet for roommates can be anxiety producing, and if you move in with the wrong one you could be stuck with them for the ...

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